Explore Excellence with EPSON TM-T82 Thermal Printer: Your Preferred Choice at Prime POS for Top-Notch Thermal Printing Solutions

Looking for the ultimate thermal printer that exceeds expectations? Prime POS proudly presents the EPSON TM-T82 Thermal Printer, setting new benchmarks in printing excellence. As your trusted partner, we bring you the finest EPSON printers available in the market. With 15 years of proven expertise in delivering tailored solutions to diverse industries, including retail, hospitality, QSR, and warehousing, Prime POS stands as the premier destination for all your printing needs. Discover the power of EPSON TM-T82 Thermal Printer and unlock seamless, efficient, and reliable printing solutions, all optimized for enhanced searchability.

Advantages of EPSON TM-T82 Thermal Printer from Prime POS:
  • Unmatched Precision Printing: Experience unmatched printing quality with the EPSON TM-T82, ensuring your receipts and documents are impeccably clear and crisp.
  • Lightning-Fast Printing: The TM-T82 boasts high-speed printing capabilities, guaranteeing swift order processing and reduced waiting times.
  • Custom Branding: Infuse your unique branding by incorporating logos and promotional messages, leaving a memorable impression on your customers.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive controls of the TM-T82 simplify operation, making it easy for your staff to deliver quick and efficient service.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Seamlessly integrate the TM-T82 with your existing systems through diverse connectivity options, including USB, Serial, and Ethernet.
  • Space-Efficient Design: The compact footprint optimizes counter space, making it a perfect fit for businesses with limited room.
  • Dependable Durability: Engineered for durability, the TM-T82 is built to withstand rigorous usage, ensuring prolonged reliability and performance.
  • Eco-Friendly Efficiency: The energy-efficient design aligns with sustainability goals, reducing energy consumption while maintaining peak performance.

Experience the epitome of thermal printing with the EPSON TM-T82 Thermal Printer, exclusively curated for you by Prime POS. Elevate your operations, enhance your brand, and streamline your printing processes with the industry's finest solution.

Get in touch with Prime POS today to explore the world of EPSON TM-T82 Thermal Printer excellence and embark on a journey of seamless printing innovation.

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Specifications of EPSON TM-T82 Thermal Printer

Print Method

Direct Thermal

Print Speed

High-Speed Printing for Efficiency


USB, Serial, Ethernet

Custom Branding

Incorporate Logos and Promotions

User Interface

Intuitive Controls for Seamless Operation

Compact Design

Space-Saving Footprint


Rugged Build for Longevity

Energy Efficiency

Eco-Friendly Design


Retail, Hospitality, QSR, Warehousing