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Discover Excellence with RUGTEK CD3200 BT Bluetooth Barcode Scanner – Your Ultimate Scanning Solution!

Introducing the RUGTEK CD3200 BT, a cutting-edge Bluetooth scanner that stands as a testament to performance and innovation. This scanner is powered by RUGTEK Bluetooth POS technology, offering impeccable 2D/1D barcode scanning capabilities. With a resolution of 1280 pixels (H) * 800 pixels (V) and 1M resolution, it's poised to elevate your scanning experience to new heights.

  • Unleash Efficiency with Inventory Mode: The RUGTEK CD3200 BT goes beyond ordinary scanners by featuring an inventory mode, allowing you to scan and store up to 2500 items effortlessly. This exceptional feature streamlines your inventory management, optimizing your operations.
  • Rugged Durability Meets Speed: Experience unparalleled speed and rugged durability with the RUGTEK CD3200 BT. It's built to withstand demanding environments while maintaining its lightning-fast scanning capabilities, setting a new benchmark in this segment.
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Revolutionize your barcode scanning experience with RUGTEK CD3200 BT. Elevate efficiency, accuracy, and innovation today.

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