Prime Point of sale (POS) solutions will provide Non –Touch Billing Point of sale systems in Hyderabad, Bangalore,vizag and Vijayawada and major cities in India. A prime Pos solution is GOLD Partner with Posiflex Technology. Posiflex Technology is one of the World Best Point of sale Machines Manufactures around the world. Posiflex Technology India will provide customized Point of sale system through Prime Pos solutions for there customer. Posiflex Technology having wide Range of point of sale (non Touch) Billing system in their product portfolio with these posiflex products we can service the entire segment taking from Kirana shop to pan india supermarkets.

Point of sale is a technology for monetary transactions at retail institutions, for instance, in a supermarket. A POS system contains the applications and hardware used for checkouts, the computer era equivalent of the check out. The most significant difference between a POS system as well as a check out is communication. When a client processes a transaction in the supermarket, automated response contains an upgrade of stock. If needed, a reordering to replace the item is prepared, the tax record is kept, as well as the store management system is notified. The main part of a point-of-sale system is the computer.

It is clever to use the POS pc for only sales purchases, reports, and stock control, and isolate utilization of POS computers from general purpose tasks. Two standard application systems in common make use of for POS are JavaPOS and OPOS. These requirements conform to the UnifiedPOS that’s advocated by the National Retail Foundation. Celerant, Intuit, MICROS Retail, Microsoft, NCR, Oracle, as well as SAP are the most famous POS applications solution suppliers. Badly executed systems are among the leading reasons for credit card information compromises. A smartly designed system may encrypt wireless transmissions, and certainly will not retain complete magnetic stripe, charge card approval code, or PIN numbers.

There is an assortment of subsets of POS systems, every one of which is worthy of additional study. Industry particular POS bundles can be found for auto repair shops, beauty salons, pharmacists, dry cleaners as well as much more. The restaurant business is well served by numerous different POS systems. Systems are frequently enhanced with wireless systems which allow communications. This allows servers to send client orders to the kitchen from any place inside the restaurant and may be utilized to make credit card transactions much more secure since the client’s charge card is never out of their view. A brand new trend in POS, particularly at supermarkets, is self checkout.

In a self checkout system, the consumer scans the barcodes on the specific items. In case of produce, a scale is utilized, and the consumer enters a code from the menu. Payment on these systems is comparable to using an Automated teller machine. The advantages of this system include reduced overhead for employment, as well as also from reduced time that the consumer must wait around for checkout. With this technology, the POS process might get rid of the reading of bar codes. Since RFID does need line of sight, the consumer could bag their expenditures as they make their selections, as well as not need to remove their items from the bag to ensure that a listing of acquisitions to be compiled.


Posiflex tx-5000 Pos Box for billing .High Performance best Point of sale box with high configuration .best compact and counter fit Desing

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Posiflex PB 5001 Series all in one point of sale machine  is rugged Moduler machines can be connect with multiple add on Device.Very compact and protable Design …

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