Prime pos solutions will provide information kiosk interactive systems

  FOR MALLS ,LIBRARY, SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS, BANK…ETC. Information kiosk systems are designed in customized way to fit the customer the requirement and make customer more interactive with out difficulty.Prime Point of sale systems will provide rugged full kiosk systems with thermal printers,cameras,bio matric systems,rugged keyboard…etc.Prime kiosk solutions flexible rugged cutting edge technology devices.

Information kiosk solutions

What are the needs / requirements and concerns of a mall users / visitors / shoppers? The interactive kiosk should engage, attract, Educate and serve clients, shoppers and visitors to offer competitive business edge leading to improved self service performance in sales and excellent client satisfaction. The needs and Demands of Visitor a Shopper and Client are various and it process to attend in One level to their queries. This is where the gap can be bridged by an interactive kiosk and ensure that Customers and visitors can avail the services and information. The Information kiosk can be designed to function to Situations like -.

The malls owners and administrators keep working towards providing and Enhancing the best service. With a kiosk that may Be Used strategically to dispense answer and Information Questions, it could also be a Port obtain info and to Analyze Customer Behavior patterns. Therefore, the info kiosk can’t only be a source to dispense info, but to garner info regarding client behaviors and revenue sources. How does Interactive/Information kiosk help mall users / Visitors / shoppers? An interactive kiosk that should be How does Interactive / Information kiosk help mall users / Visitors / foreigners have no trouble in accessing the required information.

Way finding – maps for an overview of the facility or animated and Interactive path from source to destination. The info might vary from the discount rates and offers in different shops, restaurants, movies, commodity etc. The administrators can provide info on the transportation facilities available at the mall. The transportation facilities available at the mall info regarding the company profile and fact sheets too. General city info! The business profile and fact sheets too info kiosk which will assist tourists and outsiders to answer a wide range of questions like 1. Information regarding the tourist agency, hotels and accommodation 4. Point of sale kiosk can be a source of income. It acts as a strategically placed point of sale device which o Allows shop owners, brands, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and vendors to target clients and digitally provide them info of the complete product range. Of the comprehensive product range Sales staff to more productive sales and client support roles. Self checkout empowers retailers to re assign clients more efficiently by placing virtual stores across a unlimited geographic footprint.

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